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Stock photography
Walking at Buttermere A Dahlia?
Castlerigg Stone Circle   Buttermere
Tower Bridge   Sunrise at Far Orrest, Cumbria
Our big selection of andscape stock photos from England, Scotland, Wales France are available for use in your print or web project. Contact us for more details.
  Photography and Stock Photos for Marketing Tourism in Wales

360 Degree Panoramas

The web is a visual medium, and showing the whole picture in interactive detail builds on this strength.

360 Degree panoramas really catch visitors' attention and show far more detail than a still image can.

They are easy to use: either integrated in your website pages, or as a separate popup window. We provide code so you can invoke panoramas as you wish - simply paste it into a web page. Alternatively we can upload the files and implement the code for you.

Panoramas are supplied in QuickTime® and Java formats to ensure wide compatibility.

For delivery on the web, images up to 400 pixels in width are practical [that's about 2x the picture, above right]. For delivery on CD, images can be anything up to full screen in size.

     See some Panoramas

Click and drag in the image to pan
and use the controls to zoom.

 Our Panorama System

Our one-shot panorama system makes multi frame walkthroughs affordable.

Image capture is via an 8 mp digital SLR to ensuring sharp output even at larger sizes.

Panoramic photography kit

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