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Stock photography
Walking at Buttermere A Dahlia?
Castlerigg Stone Circle   Buttermere
Tower Bridge   Sunrise at Far Orrest, Cumbria
Our big selection of andscape stock photos from England, Scotland, Wales France are available for use in your print or web project. Contact us for more details.
  Photography and Stock Photos for Marketing Tourism in Wales

Photographic Resources on the Web

Ten years ago digital photography was either too low quality to be considered a serious contender, or prohibitively expensive. The arrival of highly capable and affordable consumer digital systems has turned photography into a national pastime, and there are now many websites dedicated to the subject. Here are a few which I have found useful.

All Things Photography - Tips, tutorials and articles on almost any aspect of photography you can think of.

Lomo Homes - An active community of photographers who push the bounds of film and digital. Also offer a range of quirky film cameras.

Traveller Dave is always adding more pictures of old commercial vehicles to this rather strange resource. His Traveller Homes site is an archive from the 80s until now of converted buses and trucks which people live in.

New Cameras, Lenses and Lighting

Calumet Photographic
Supplier to professional photographers. Shops (most in out-of-town locations) in 9 major UK cities. You can also order online or by phone. Very knowledgeable staff. Not the cheapest, but probably the best.

Park Cameras
Huge range of cameras and photographic equipment from amateur to professional. Competitive prices.

Cameras and Kit on a Tight Budget

Cheap can mean nasty. However, if you tread with care it can also be good value, and possibly the only viable option if your photography is a hobby.

Digital Rev's prices are often significantly lower than on the high street or from UK web retailers. The service is reliable and stock is 'A grade', but your goods will probably ship from Hong Kong, so the instruction manual will not necessarily be in English. Good luck if it's something complicated!

E-Bay is not somewhere I personally would spend serious money. However, they have on offer a huge range of older film camera equipment at really affordable prices, and lenses which can be optically superb, from about £15 upwards. For DSLR owners on a tight budget, adaptors are available for the older mounting systems such as the K-bayonet and M42. There's no autofocus or automatic control (so you'll need a light meter unless you are very good a guessing), but you get the possibility of great photos without the pain of splashing out on brand new glass.

Morgan Computers have been knocking out end-of-line computers since before the ark. They have an eclectic and ever-changing range of 'last years' cameras from basic to mid range, and (occasionally) some semi-professional gems. They're also worth a look for printers or scanners. Watch out for 'B Grade' stock: it's been returned and repaired and has a shorter warranty, typically 3 months, so test it well before 3 months is up.

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