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Stock photography
Walking at Buttermere A Dahlia?
Castlerigg Stone Circle   Buttermere
Tower Bridge   Sunrise at Far Orrest, Cumbria
Our big selection of andscape stock photos from England, Scotland, Wales France are available for use in your print or web project. Contact us for more details.
  Photography and Stock Photos for Marketing Tourism in Wales

Who we are

Based in Builth Wells, Mid Wales, we've run Stay in Wales, a market leading online guide with a loyal following, since 1999. We also run a French accommodation guide,, and, a UK directory primarily for the online booking market.


Our publications generate hundreds of thousands of responses annually, giving us unique insight into how best to market holiday accommodation online. There are many factors to consider, including location, features, decor, pricing and target market.

Packaging is how you present your accommodation in the best way to attract your target market. Doing this well can put you at an immediate advantage over many competitors. Creating customer confidence through clear, appealing display is a compelling way of becoming their first choice.

What do you need to get the competitive edge? Three things: A detailed, well written description of the property and its location. A pricing level and bookings scheme which is compatible with your target market's needs and budget. And a good quality, comprehensive set of pictures – that's where we come in.

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